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General Information

Pure Life Villa (Stone and timber houses)

Stone and timber clad Village houses dating back 150 years which have been painstakingly restored back to their original features - Duplex villa’s with 2 bedrooms (double and twin bed), living area (an extra bed can be added), 2 wc / shower and an open plan kitchen.
On the upper level the twin room with a private balcony and the ground floor room opens out onto a spacious patio and private pool.
Our villa is suitable for honeymoon couples, large families, conservative guests and holidaymakers who want to enhance the romance within a natural, rural environment.
In our villa, kitchen equipment, utensils, washing machine, dishwasher, iron, sofa, TV, garden furniture, fans, barbecue and a dining table are readily available.
We kook forward to the pleasure in welcoming you to spend a truly unique holiday experience at our villa perched above Butterfly valley which enjoys spectacular, panoramic views of the sea and the surrounding natural beauty.

Why Choose Pure Life Villa

For adults

To experience an alternative holiday which takes you away from mainstream tourism, noise pollution and fast food outlets.

To enjoy a holiday whereby the empathise is purely on the “freedom” for you to choose the time you desire to take a relaxing swim in the pool, the freedom for you to dress how you want to dress and to eat when you desire to.

To enjoy a holiday at your leisure without the stress of applying make up or shaving each morning...

For children

In order for parents to have a holiday who’s time is consumed within todays current virtual environments.

To enjoy the fun aspect of collecting organic friuts and vegetables from the garden.

To recognize the extreme divide between the real and virtual worlds

The fun of getting dusty and playing with soil. Tthe fact is, it is actually not a bad thing for children...

For the local villagers


During your hoilday we kindly request you donate a part of your stay to make a tangible contribution to such foundations in order to support the local village community.

Wherever possible, kindly purchase your perishable goods from the villagers and choose to use the tiny local restaurant in the village...

Food & Drink

Inside the home

Inside the villa, simple, basic meals can be cooked by using the kitchen equipment and utensils provided or guests may prefer to forage organic fruit & vegetables from the garden(free of charge) or they can be supplied from the local villagers, the local grocery stores in the resort towns of Ölüdeniz and Fethiye.

The village restaurants

Within the village, located in various places, we can contently reccommend a number of restaurants where local specialality dishes are served in a welcoming, family ambience.

We can reccommend some of our neighbouring restaurants for you to try.

Restaurants in Fethiye

At least for one evening we strongly advise you to eat in Fethiye , in particular we recommended you try the Fish Market .

You can try Boğaziçi and Mancero restaurants located on the sea front promenade in Fethiye.


Within and around the village

Highlighted at the begining, the ancient and historical trek along the Lycian Way and a tour around the local village.

Swim in the villas pool however you desire .(nude, topless, etc.)

Watering organic vegetables in the Villa garden and to prepare the vegetables for eating after they have been gathered.

Taking plenty of magnificent scenic photographs...

Out of Village

The visit to Butterfly Valley (Butterfly Valley is located directly below the Villa. Experience a very special and unique day by taking an adventure filled trek through the valley engaging with nature, a cool, refreshing river and glorious sunshine.

Please take note: To walk down to Butterfly valley you return back to the villa by walking back up.

Oludeniz / Kumburnu: Breathtaking nature and hiking with mystical stories of Oludeniz. Enjoy a combination of nature and the sun...

Adventure and Adrenaline

By jumping off the world-famous Baba mountain (2100 meters) and paragliding down to Öludeniz lagoon, will you truly understand the meaning ‘as free a bird’.

Once in your lifetime at least, you need to try this amazing feeling.. providing you of not afraid of heights that is...

Transportation Options

By Air

By Plane: Fly into Dalaman airport. From the airport there are three different ways to reach Pure Life Villa.
  • You can hire or rent-a-car. Follow the Fethiye- Ölüdeniz highway. 7Km after Ölüdeniz you will come to the Hisar neighbourhood where the Pure Life Villa is located. After Ölüdeniz you will pass Butterfly valley via this road which will take you to Faralya village where the Pure Life Villa is located. Be careful as you drive as there sharp bends however, the scenic views are spectacular.
  • You can come to Fethiye coach terminal with Havaş (handling agents bus). At the coach/mini-bus terminal you can take a mini-bus known as a ‘dolmus’ to Ölüdeniz-Faralya. The journey will take around 1 hour and 15 minutes. The Pure Life Villa is just a matter of 50 metres away from where the mini-bus stop. Please be advised-The Faralya mini-buses run every 2 hours.
  • You can take a taxi from the taxi rank at Dalaman airport. The distance is around 75 Km and the cost is between a 125 and 150 TL.